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SubjectRe: [RFC] Wine speedup through kernel module

Alexander Viro <> wrote:
> Then these apps are non-portable to other Unices and either get fixed or
> get rm'd. Period.


> In case you've missed that, Win32 is misdesigned crap. It's one thing
> to add binary compatibility _if_ it doesn't affect the native stuff, but
> merging that abortion into the native API Just Is Not Going To Happen.

I agree with you on that. I'd quite like a Win32 API to be available, but I
wouldn't like it to have too much impact on the main Linux kernel.

I presume that you don't have a problem with it implemented in a module for
use in accelerating Wine?

> The longer I'm looking at that thread the more it looks like an attempt to
> merge incompatible models. Last time that happened we got Missed'em'V and
> that's going to be _much_ worse. Mixing v7 with CP/M gave DOS. List goes
> on and on and there is _nothing_ but shit on it.

True the two are pretty much incompatible... but I can implement a large
amount of the basic Win32 API in kernel space without affecting on the rest of
the kernel.

I will, however, supply a couple of patches to add useful extra features that
are internal to the kernel anyway, and don't affect the userspace API
semantics. These include process death notification (which someone else
expressed interest in for some other purpose) and some optional hooks to make
it faster and easier to use my implementation.

> Folks, get real - if you want NT you know where to find it.

Yes - written on the reverse of my cup mat *grin*.

David Howells
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