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SubjectRe: [PATCH] eepro 0.12c
>>>>> "aris" == aris  <> writes:

aris> hi, misc fixes on eepro driver, please apply

aris> @@ -212,6 +214,12 @@
aris> version of the 82595 chip. */
aris> int stepping;
aris> spinlock_t lock; /* Serializing lock */
aris> + unsigned rcv_ram;
aris> + unsigned rcv_start;
aris> + unsigned xmt_bar;
aris> + unsigned xmt_lower_limit_reg;
aris> + unsigned xmt_upper_limit_reg;
aris> + unsigned eeprom_reg;
aris> };

Please don't use unsigned without specifying the size, use either
unsigned int or unsigned long.

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