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SubjectRe: test9-pre7
On Tue, Sep 26, 2000 at 03:29:40PM +0200, Helge Hafting wrote:
> Unfortunately it still dies occationally. sysrq-Boot is the only thing
> that work,
> I have no more data as it happened in X and console switching didn't
> work.
> Exactly the same behavior as VM crashes in test9-pre5 and earlier.
> This is a UP machine with an ide drive, 128M ram and 96M swap.
> The (memory) load was light when it crashed during a disk write,
> although there were perhaps 20k in swap from some mozilla use
> earlier.

Exactly the same here. I've seen the same crash three times today (not
having suffered from mysterious crashes here):

- I do something (typically starting a program; the one I've just seen
started this behaviour just as icecast started its extra threads)

- The hard disk starts grinding (as if I were going deeply into swap), and
my X session freezes

- Hitting alt-sysrq-u might work if I'm lucky, but normally only alt-sysrq-b
is available

However, I'm probably not a useful datapoint, as I'm running 2.4.0-test8 +
reiserfs-3.9.16 + 2.4.0-t8-sched + 2.4.0-t8-vmpatch4. The machine's a K6-2
450MHz with 160Mb of RAM, a few IDE disks and an NE2000 card, running
XFree86 v4.0.1.

Previous 2.4.0-test kernels have been rock solid for me, which is probably a
good sign.


Adam Sampson,

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