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SubjectRe: [patch] 2.4.0-test8: Alpha RTC clean-ups
On Mon, 25 Sep 2000, Jan-Benedict Glaw wrote:

> ./driver/char/rtc.c:rtc_init()
> #if defined(__alpha__) || defined(__mips__)
> [...]

That is wrong. I fixed this partially in the MIPS/Linux CVS tree a few
weeks ago. The __mips__ conditional is to be completely removed.

> MIPS does that as well _in the wrong way_ compared to rtc.c:
> ./arch/mips/dev/time.c:time_init()
> /*
> * The DECstation RTC is used as a TOY (Time Of Year).
> * The PROM will reset the year to either '70, '71 or '72.
> * This hack will only work until Dec 31 2001.
> */
> year += 1928;

We already handle this differently for the DECstation -- no need to check
the year from the RTC apart from handling leap years. The real year has
to be stored elsewhere. This is platform specific and other MIPS systems
are unaffected so the only check needed is whether we are on a DECstation
or not. As we don't have a unified MIPS kernel, this can be accomplished
at the compile time.

These changes will get into the official 2.4 kernel once a merge is

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