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SubjectRe: 2.4 kernels do not boot on UX (Alpha)
> > PCI: Failed to allocate resource 1 for Symbios Logic Inc. (formerly
> > NCR) 53c875
> ...
> > This is a PCI layout as reported by 'lspci -tv':
> >
> > -[00]-+-0d.0-[01]--+-0a.0 Trident Microsystems 4DWave DX
> > | \-0d.0 Symbios Logic Inc. (formerly NCR) 53c875
> ...
> > Any ideas what gives here?
> The PCI setup widgetry is known to be broken for pci-pci bridges.
> I've been intending to rewrite all this, but keep finding something
> more interesting to do -- like clean the cat box. If it makes you
> feel any better, I have an AS4100 that can't boot 2.4 at the moment
> either for the same reason.

So this is why my noritake alpha doesn't boot 2.4 The ISP scsi controller
that's builtin is on the 2nd pci bus which does have pci-pci controller.

FYI, I believe I have to set the CONFIG_ALPHA_LEGACY_START_ADDRESS before
the kernel will even attempt to boot. I'm using aboot 0.7

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