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SubjectRe: the new VM

On Mon, 25 Sep 2000, Andrea Arcangeli wrote:

> Signal can be trapped and ignored by malicious task. [...]

a SIGKILL? i agree with the 2.2 solution - first a soft signal, and if
it's being ignored then a SIGKILL.

> But my question isn't what you do when you're OOM, but is _how_ do you
> notice that you're OOM?

good question :-)

> In the GFP_USER case simply checking when GFP fails looks right to me.

i think the GFP_USER case should do the oom logic within __alloc_pages(),
by SIGTERM/SIGKILL-ing off abusive processes. Ie. it's *still* an infinite
loop (barring the case where *this* process is abusive, but thats a


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