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SubjectRE: drivers/block: cpqarray.h,smart1,2.h and cciss.h question
The cciss driver is for our next generation of array controllers.  

Besides adding the complexity of a single driver, there is also a question
of regression testing a single driver. The cpqarray driver has support for
all our controllers back to the EISA based controllers.

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From: Jeff Garzik
Sent: Sunday, September 24, 2000 9:15 AM
To: Frank Davis
Cc:; Arrays
Subject: Re: drivers/block: cpqarray.h,smart1,2.h and
cciss.h question

On Sun, 24 Sep 2000, Frank Davis wrote:
> While looking through the block drivers,
cpqarray.c/h, smart1,2.h
> and the recent cciss.c/h: they were all for the Compaq
Smart Array
> Controllers. For 2.5.x or possibly prior, could we
consolidate them into
> one file incorporating all types of controllers or is
there reason there
> are 3 different files?

Often its easier for the driver author to copy and modify an
driver, rather than spending the time to design and test a
single driver
which supports all flavors of the target hardware...

For Compaq specifically, talk to the driver maintainer
(, he is actively maintaining the driver.


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