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SubjectRe: boot fails with test9-pre3 and above

Looks that the scsi changes introduced in test9-pre3
broke the functioning of "scsihosts" that can be specified from lilo.conf

In my kernel, I had ncr53c896 and aic7xxx compiled in
and was using
append = "scsihosts=ncr53c8xx"
in /etc/lilo.conf as the boot disk was on ncr controller.

Removing this line and making aic7xxx as a module allowed me to boot.

-- Prasanna
VERITAS Software

PS: Thanks to Keith Owens for pointing out the VIDEO_CHAR debugging trick.

> (Prasanna Narayana) wrote:
> >In our Dell 8-way 1gb machine, test9-pre3 and above kernel
> >doesn't boot (test9-pre2 boots ok). I just get the message
> > Loading 2.4test8................
> > Uncompressing Linux... ok, booting the kernel.
> Ahh, a candidate for [DOC] Debugging early kernel hangs. Forwarded
> separately.
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