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SubjectRe: DPT SmartRAID V and Linux 2.4-
On Mon, 25 Sep 2000, Nick Loman wrote:
>So as far as I can tell, the i2o stack in Linux 2.4 doesn't support the
>DPT SmartRAID V i2o controller.

"We know." It never has. (and arguablly never will.)

>Am I right in thinking then the only option is to combine DPT's drivers
>into the kernel by hand? Is this feasible/easy to do, or better, has
>someone already done it?

If "by hand" means with 'patch', then yes. Some people have no problem and
others commit suicide as a result of the process. (YMWV.) Getting the
DPT supplied driver to work in 2.3 will require some work -- spinlock
semantics and the scsi host structure changed.

I'm running a SRV in my system with 2.4.0-test5 right now, so it is doable.


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