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SubjectRe: how interesting are data->bss patches?
On Mon, 25 Sep 2000 21:20:00 -0500 (CDT), 
Peter Samuelson <> wrote:
>Cool stuff! I thought about using basically the same approach, but I
>wasn't sure if binutils was up to the job. I didn't know about readelf
>(well, I'd read about it in the 2.10 announcement, but I didn't know
>what it could do). Basically readelf is objdump on steroids, right?


>Now, is there a way to extract filenames and line numbers off those
>symbols, if you build with -g?

readelf -w dumps debug info but only if you compile with dwarf, -g
alone is not enough. Objects compiled with dwarf are a lot bigger and
the readelf -w output is messy to parse, it is probably not justified.
For a process that is not going to run very often, using etags, cscope,
sourcenavigator, lxr or other such tool to find the variables is
acceptable (says he who will not be doing the work ;).

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