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SubjectRe: [Xpert] Re: Current CVS version of X does indeed break wrt SHM
Keith Packard wrote:

> > Odd, Isn't 777 insecure for shared memory segments?
> Yes; Enlightenment does have it's own little set of features...
> XFree86 Core Team SuSE, Inc.

I recieved a bunch and bunch of these messages when i run out of shm
segments. The latest vm patch that was posted in the list seems to do a
better job at making the leak slower. But that could also be due to the fact
that i know what will make it leak totally immediately and what will just
crash the box within 5 min due to shm weirdness The messages are probably
not important to this list so i'm not gonna bother posting them. The
SHM problem seems to be for the MOST part X's problem. But, i think the part
where the kernel crashes because of the SHM leaking and/or OOM is still a
kernel problem that needs addressing before 2.4 gets put out.

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