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SubjectRe: BTTV Driver under 2.2.18preX bug
Hello Mark!

I wrote Alan about it a while ago, and I got no response..
Do you maybe have an idea who made this change in the code ?
As far as I see, Alan is responsible for the video4linux thing, so maybe
it's him. I'll re-write him soon if I'll get no response..

btw, a weird thing.. In wmtv it works great.. but kwintv & xawtv makes
problems, and they're the more complicated programs, so It's a bug in the


On Sat, 23 Sep 2000, Mark Cooke wrote:

> On Sun, 24 Sep 2000 wrote:
> > Anybody else encountered a bug with the bttv driver under kernel
> > 2.2.18preX (All the Pre-releases) ?
> > Or the other thing- anybody got bttv driver to work under these kernels ?
> >
> > When I'm using this kernel with 2.2.17 bttv.o , it works great..
> Hiya,
> Using xawtv 3.19 with 2.2.18pre9 doesn't appear to work correctly here
> either. It was working fine with 2.2.17pre20. Haven't tried any
> other of the 2.2.18pre series as I only just got finished with
> repackaging my kernel rpm not to include usb/nfs patches.
> v4l-conf is reporting that the base address disagrees between v4l and
> dga during xawtv startup. Not sure if this was the case with 2.2.17,
> as I start xawtv from the gnome panel usually (no terminal
> window). xawtv was certainly in overlay mode when I was running
> 2.2.17pre20.
> WARNING: v4l and dga disagree about the framebuffer base
> WARNING: Is v4l-conf installed correctly? ov_fbuf.base=0xe1000000, base=0xd8000000
> WARNING: overlay mode disabled
> I hadn't reported yet because I'm using the NVidia binary module
> (0.95, recompiled against 2.2.18pre9 headers), and wanted to try to
> isolate the problem specifically to some change in pre9, and not
> something in the NVidia module for XFree 4.01 not liking something
> else in pre9 (like the agp stuff).
> Trying various -nodga/-noxv/-novm flags to xawtv produces an
> interesting array of hard locks and xawtv crashing.
> I'll try a 2.2.18pre9 with the 2.2.17 bttv.c/h tomorrow morning.
> Regards,
> Mark
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