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Subject[ot] resetting keyboard via keyboard contoller.

Kind of off-topic question.

I want to reset/set keyboard from my own interrupt handler
(via irq 9), so I don't want/can't to use bios (or even dos)
interface. This assumes a PC.

Looking at kernel sources it seems to me, that reset of
keyboard would be


and if I would want to set CAPS_LOCK led, it would be something
like this


Yet it does not work. Can anyone hint me in right direction
what I'm doing wrong? A 5 line example would be great.
I suspect it has something to do w/ timing, but not sure
where the error is.

The above example is from borland 4.5 for dos (under dosemu).
(so it is emulated keyboard contoller, but it should not
make differnce).
Adam The Supreme Headquarters of the 32 bit registers

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