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SubjectRe: No sound (es1371) after test7

On Sun, 24 Sep 2000, Jeff Garzik wrote:
> hmmmm The patch was submitted by me, but it came straight from
> 2.2.x... after being whipped, I shall look into both versions of
> ac97_codec some more...

The "->id" field has nothing to do with the device ID number, it's a
"which codec is this" field, and is zero for the master ac97 codec. See
how it is used - it's basically used mostly as

if (codec->id) {
... handle secondary codec case ...

and thus the change to ac97_codec.c completely broke most all codec
handling because suddenly all codec were "secondary".

Yeah, it's probably bad naming - it should probably use something like
"codex->index" instead of "codec->id".

But I'm surprised that it works at all in 2.2.x - that implies that the
2.2.x code is completely different from the 2.4.x logic.


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