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SubjectRe: ip forwarding/tunneling for WIN PPTP broken in 2.2.18pre9?
On Sat, Sep 23, 2000 at 11:10:14PM -0400, Stephen E. Clark wrote:
> I had been using 2.2.14pre16 to forward Win PPTP from my winblows
> machine to our Corp Business network.

well - probably you used something else than the raw kernel itself.
I guess You used poptop as pptp daemon? Try to recompile poptop and
see if the pppd version You are using is new enough (look at

> I can no longer log into our Corp network using my Linux system as
> ip-forwarder for my winblows machine using VPN.
> I rebooted 2.2.14 and things worked fine.

Try to contact the poptop people and/or give a more detailed description,
like error messages from /var/log/messages, enabling debugging of your pppd,

Only contact this list if You are almost sure it is an error inside the

> Steve

Live long and prosper
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