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SubjectKernel 2.4.0-test9-pre2 is not performing well and swapping a lot compared to test7
Hi there,

first I have to admit I can't as of now back up my expirience with

But the new memory management introduced by Rik seems to not stand up
performance wise.

I use here a simple set up on a duron with 128mb and a kt-133 chipset
with scsi aha2940 on an otherwise (gcc-2.95.2) almost stock redhat 6.2
with xf4.01 and latest dri code.

After a couple of hours the system seems to swap out more stuff and
while using netscape-communicator all the time the machine gets slower
and slower. An easy compile job, which under test7 was barely noticeable
now seems to slow everything down to a total new extend.

The compile jobs (like compiling the dri tree which as said isn't really
slowing down the system normally) even slow down moving windows or
minimizing windows while under x.

After all I doo not know how to prove that, I gladly accept hints here.

I will gladly send other specs about my system upon request to
interesting parties.

With best regards

Michael Meding
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