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SubjectRe: lvm in 2.4.0-test9pre5

[Peter Samuelson]
> > "md", on the other hand, is well-established as referring to Linux
> > RAID, but if you add lvm the label is too narrow.

> Yes, we have all thes _historical_ reasons why people think "md"
> refers to the particular RAID code in question. But so what? LVM is
> also very much an issue of handling multiple disks, and organizing
> them. "md" as shorthand for "multiple disks" works fine for LVM too.

Well, I just thought there could be confusion between 'md' -> 'multiple
disks' versus 'md' -> 'Linux RAID drivers' which is probably the more
common association. It's a documentation issue as much as anything,
and you've basically taken care of that in -pre6.

> Does anybody have any real technical arguments against it, or are all
> arguments of the type "I'm used to 'md' meaning RAID, and I am not
> willing to reconsider"?

No, actually I was more arguing against 'sm' than anything else.
Originally I thought the directory 'md' was just fine; it was only when
Andrea brought up the name issue that I started thinking of LVM and the
alternatives. By all means leave it as it is.

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