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SubjectRe: Given an image, how can show its config?
Andreas Haumer wrote:
> Keith Owens wrote:
> >
> > I worry about anything that increases the on disk size of bzImage, even
> > if the extra data does not get loaded into kernel memory.
> >
> You also have to consider filesize restrictions with some
> network bootproms loading the kernel image with TFTP.
> At least, that feature should be optional!

Yes, it could be two config options:

bzImage includes System map
bzImage includes System config

But actually we're not talking about a kernel build option at all,
we're just talking about cat'ing one or two gzip files onto the end of
bzImage, and so the only reason for making it a config option would be
for taking care of really clueless people like me who don't know
that. Otherwise it would just be a little script or perhaps an option
on 'make install'.

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