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SubjectRe: problem with 2.4.0-test9-pre6 seems to be SHM
Use your client Reply all function. that'll get itint here. 

I personally think the list is fine the way it is because I dont need to
worry about whether or not the person who sent the message is on the
list or not by default. But that's just me.

safemode wrote:
> One more little complaint.. why doesn't vger replace the FROM to
> like any other sane mailing list ... i
> keep going to Reply and not sending to the list. At least add a
> reply-to tag like the proftpd mailing list has if you want to keep the
> FROM tag as the original sender.


Mohammad A. Haque

"Alcohol and calculus don't mix. Project Lead
Don't drink and derive." --Unknown
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