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SubjectRe: [DOC] Debugging early kernel hangs
>2.4 and 2.2 PPC have progress() for writing progress messages to the
>screen. They're setup in a per-board very early in the boot so we can see
>what's going on as soon as the MMU is turned on and lets us get around.
>Ben, can you just make your changes talk through that? I used to use it
>with BootX to write out info while setting up the early bootinfo stuff.

The progress() stuff works fine on 2.4. (I've not checked with 2.2.x lately).

However, there's still a huge gap between the last progress() message and
availability of the frame buffer device. The simple console has the
advantage of outputing existing printk messages. (basically, it's a
console using prom_printf).

Well, I beleive I'll just get rid of this debug console to ease merging
of my pile of 2.2.x changes. It appeared that I never had a single crash
happen during this time, except when working on new HW, but then, I can
just add a prom_printf to printk() directly.

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