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SubjectPATCH Backport /proc/pci from 2.4.x to 2.2.x
The 2.4.x kernel series obtains its /proc/pci device name data from a
data file pci.ids. The file makes PCI device name generic enough that
it may be used by multiple utilities -- the kernel, Martin Mares'
pciutils, distro installers, etc. The attached patch, against kernel
2.2.18-pre9, backports the 2.4.x /proc/pci facilities and device name

Note1: This makes your kernel image larger. Yep. The -on disk- image.
The PCI device name data is dropped from the kernel image at runtime, so
there is no penalty.

Note2: This changes the /proc/pci output slightly (to match 2.4.x
output) -- and I think it's worth it. The new output includes a PCI
region length.

Note3: /proc/bus/pci code is completely untouched. I think it needs to
be updated to report region length, too.

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