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SubjectRe: Given an image, how can show its config?
Keith Owens wrote:

> That would take my 2.4.0 bzImage to 893864, it does not leave much room
> out of a 1.4Mb floppy for LILO files. We could have multiple make
> targets, with and without appended config/map but that just complicates
> the build environment.

I normally occupy over a meg with my image and I frequently build a LILO boot
disk for safekeeping. I strip my config down to only enabled options and
further strip the CONFIG_ from it, then bzip2 -s -9 the both of config and
system map and it comes out to about 122K

> This is all to protect those few poor 'administrators' who cannot keep
> track of three separate files. We should not coddle such idiots, if
> they cannot track 3 files they should not be configuring Linux.
> Anybody who loses their config and will learn from their
> mistake and only do it once or they will never learn, in which case
> they are better off running Windows.

The same idiots who have multiple patch trees that haven't been merged and
different builds of a kernel to test effects? I.e. those who really do the
work on LKML?

> "Think of it as evolution in action".

After you're looking down the ladder of evolution, think to look up the

Personally, /proc/ksyms has what I need for symbols but 1.3K for a .config is
trivial enough to add to the image.


"The difference between 'involvement' and 'commitment' is like an
eggs-and-ham breakfast: the chicken was 'involved' - the pig was

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