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SubjectRe: BTTV Driver under 2.2.18preX bug
On Sun, 24 Sep 2000 wrote:

> Anybody else encountered a bug with the bttv driver under kernel
> 2.2.18preX (All the Pre-releases) ?
> Or the other thing- anybody got bttv driver to work under these kernels ?
> When I'm using this kernel with 2.2.17 bttv.o , it works great..


Using xawtv 3.19 with 2.2.18pre9 doesn't appear to work correctly here
either. It was working fine with 2.2.17pre20. Haven't tried any
other of the 2.2.18pre series as I only just got finished with
repackaging my kernel rpm not to include usb/nfs patches.

v4l-conf is reporting that the base address disagrees between v4l and
dga during xawtv startup. Not sure if this was the case with 2.2.17,
as I start xawtv from the gnome panel usually (no terminal
window). xawtv was certainly in overlay mode when I was running

WARNING: v4l and dga disagree about the framebuffer base
WARNING: Is v4l-conf installed correctly? ov_fbuf.base=0xe1000000, base=0xd8000000
WARNING: overlay mode disabled

I hadn't reported yet because I'm using the NVidia binary module
(0.95, recompiled against 2.2.18pre9 headers), and wanted to try to
isolate the problem specifically to some change in pre9, and not
something in the NVidia module for XFree 4.01 not liking something
else in pre9 (like the agp stuff).

Trying various -nodga/-noxv/-novm flags to xawtv produces an
interesting array of hard locks and xawtv crashing.

I'll try a 2.2.18pre9 with the 2.2.17 bttv.c/h tomorrow morning.



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