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SubjectOops while using bonded ethernet
I'm trying to bond all four interfaces of a D-Link DFE-570TX ethernet card.
Not sure who maintains the bonding module, so writing directly to the main
list. Tips on better people to bother are welcome.

Note on my kernel version: I'm using version 2.2.16, because that's the
latest version supported by the TurboCluter product from Pacific HiTech.
I was unable to find any reference to my problem in the archives, so assuming
2.2.17 doesn't address the issue, and I strongly doubt that TurboCluster will
work with a 2.4 kernel.


With my system in single user mode, I can bring up the bonded interface with
no problems. I can then bring up sshd and access the system just fine over
the bonded interface.

If I try to take the machine into multi-user mode, or even if I try to take
networking down and then back up again, I start to get segfault messages. By
running "strace ifconfig" I was able to see that once things go awry, any
attempt to read from /proc/net/dev results in a segfault.

The attached tarball (oopstrace.tar.gz) contains the following files:

-- ksyms: output from 'cat /proc/ksyms'
-- mj.config: copy of my /usr/src/linux/.config
-- netstart-oops.log: section from my /var/log/messages recorded while trying
to bring networking up for the second time during current runtime. First
up-down cycle generally completes without error.
-- ksymoops.netstart-oops.out: output from feeding netstart-oops.log to the
ksymoops program.
-- netdown-oops.log: section from /var/log/messages produced when I tried to
take networking back down (immediately after producing netstart-oops.log).
-- ksymoops.netdown-oops.out: output from feeding netdown-oops.log to ksymoops.

All appears to work just fine when I use the DFE-570TX unbonded, so I don't
think this is a problem with the NIC driver iteslf.

I'm not used to kernel hacking, so any other information that I can provide,
please ask.


Michael Jinks, IB
Systems Administrator, CCCP
finger for public key
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