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SubjectRe: PATCH: pci_enable_device_mask
Martin Mares wrote:
> > I didn't update all the archs, just x86.. Enjoy. This is not an
> > official patch submission (so Linus if you see it, don't apply...)
> Is there any reason for adding such a thing? I was thinking about it some months
> ago and it seemed to me that we always have plenty of space for all the resources.

eh, uh? :) This doesn't have much to do with resource space... We are
talking about having pci_enable_device -not- enable PCI_COMMAND_IO
and/or PCI_COMMAND_MEMORY because some hardware needs to be treated
specially, and blindly enabling IO|MEM is bad news for that hardware.

> Anyway, I'd prefer selecting such options via extra fields in struct pci_dev
> which would the driver set before calling pci_enable_device() -- this way we
> can add new options later without introducing new functions.

Makes sense to me...
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