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Subjecttest9-pre5+t9p2-vmpatch VM deadlock during write-intensive workload

i'm still getting VM related lockups during heavy write load, in
test9-pre5 + your 2.4.0-t9p2-vmpatch (which i understand as being your
last VM related fix-patch, correct?). Here is a histogram of such a

1 Trace; 4010a720 <__switch_to+38/e8>
5 Trace; 4010a74b <__switch_to+63/e8>
13 Trace; 4010abc4 <poll_idle+10/2c>
819 Trace; 4010abca <poll_idle+16/2c>
1806 Trace; 4010abce <poll_idle+1a/2c>
1 Trace; 4010abd0 <poll_idle+1c/2c>
2 Trace; 4011af51 <schedule+45/884>
1 Trace; 4011af77 <schedule+6b/884>
1 Trace; 4011b010 <schedule+104/884>
3 Trace; 4011b018 <schedule+10c/884>
1 Trace; 4011b02d <schedule+121/884>
1 Trace; 4011b051 <schedule+145/884>
1 Trace; 4011b056 <schedule+14a/884>
2 Trace; 4011b05c <schedule+150/884>
3 Trace; 4011b06d <schedule+161/884>
4 Trace; 4011b076 <schedule+16a/884>
537 Trace; 4011b2bb <schedule+3af/884>
2 Trace; 4011b2c6 <schedule+3ba/884>
1 Trace; 4011b2c9 <schedule+3bd/884>
4 Trace; 4011b2d5 <schedule+3c9/884>
31 Trace; 4011b31a <schedule+40e/884>
1 Trace; 4011b31d <schedule+411/884>
1 Trace; 4011b32a <schedule+41e/884>
1 Trace; 4011b346 <schedule+43a/884>
11 Trace; 4011b378 <schedule+46c/884>
2 Trace; 4011b381 <schedule+475/884>
5 Trace; 4011b3f8 <schedule+4ec/884>
17 Trace; 4011b404 <schedule+4f8/884>
9 Trace; 4011b43f <schedule+533/884>
1 Trace; 4011b450 <schedule+544/884>
1 Trace; 4011b457 <schedule+54b/884>
2 Trace; 4011b48c <schedule+580/884>
1 Trace; 4011b49c <schedule+590/884>
428 Trace; 4011b4cd <schedule+5c1/884>
6 Trace; 4011b4f7 <schedule+5eb/884>
4 Trace; 4011b500 <schedule+5f4/884>
2 Trace; 4011b509 <schedule+5fd/884>
1 Trace; 4011b560 <schedule+654/884>
1 Trace; 4011b809 <__wake_up+79/3f0>
1 Trace; 4011b81b <__wake_up+8b/3f0>
8 Trace; 4011b81e <__wake_up+8e/3f0>
310 Trace; 4011ba90 <__wake_up+300/3f0>
1 Trace; 4011bb7b <__wake_up+3eb/3f0>
2 Trace; 4011c32b <interruptible_sleep_on_timeout+283/290>
244 Trace; 4011d40e <add_wait_queue+14e/154>
1 Trace; 4011d411 <add_wait_queue+151/154>
1 Trace; 4011d56c <remove_wait_queue+8/d0>
618 Trace; 4011d62e <remove_wait_queue+ca/d0>
2 Trace; 40122f28 <do_softirq+48/88>
2 Trace; 40126c3c <del_timer_sync+6c/78>
1 Trace; 401377ab <wakeup_kswapd+7/254>
1 Trace; 401377c8 <wakeup_kswapd+24/254>
5 Trace; 401377cc <wakeup_kswapd+28/254>
15 Trace; 401377d4 <wakeup_kswapd+30/254>
11 Trace; 401377dc <wakeup_kswapd+38/254>
2 Trace; 401377e0 <wakeup_kswapd+3c/254>
6 Trace; 401377ee <wakeup_kswapd+4a/254>
8 Trace; 4013783c <wakeup_kswapd+98/254>
1 Trace; 401378f8 <wakeup_kswapd+154/254>
3 Trace; 4013792d <wakeup_kswapd+189/254>
2 Trace; 401379af <wakeup_kswapd+20b/254>
2 Trace; 401379f3 <wakeup_kswapd+24f/254>
1 Trace; 40138524 <__alloc_pages+7c/4b8>
1 Trace; 4013852b <__alloc_pages+83/4b8>

(first column is number of profiling hits, profiling hits taken on all

unfortunately i havent captured which processes are running. This is an
8-CPU SMP box, 8 write-intensive processes are running, they create new
1k-1MB files in new directories - a total of many gigabytes.

this lockup happens both during vanilla test9-pre5 and with
2.4.0-t9p2-vmpatch. Your patch makes the lockup happen a bit later than
previous, but it still happens. During the lockup all dirty buffers are
written out to disk until it reaches such a state:

2162688 pages of RAM
1343488 pages of HIGHMEM
116116 reserved pages
652826 pages shared
0 pages swap cached
0 pages in page table cache
Buffer memory: 52592kB
CLEAN: 664 buffers, 2302 kbyte, 5 used (last=93), 0 locked, 0 protected, 0 dirty
LOCKED: 661752 buffers, 2646711 kbyte, 37 used (last=661397), 0 locked, 0 protected, 0 dirty
DIRTY: 17 buffers, 26 kbyte, 1 used (last=1), 0 locked, 0 protected, 17 dirty

no disk IO happens anymore, but the lockup persists. The histogram was
taken after all disk IO has stopped.


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