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SubjectRe: test9-pre6

On Fri, 22 Sep 2000, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> This should fix the VM deadlocks (knock wood), and adds the infrastructure
> for better samba serving. And lots of small details...

... including broken directory change events stuff. Example:
@@ -101,5 +125,10 @@
inode_setattr(inode, attr);
+ if (!error) {
+ unsigned long dn_mask = setattr_mask(ia_valid);
+ if (dn_mask)
+ inode_dir_notify(dentry->d_parent->d_inode, dn_mask);
+ }
return error;

... and guess what happens if the object we are hitting with
notify_change() is passed to d_move() at that moment. Besides, why the
hell does fchown() do _anything_ to directory where a link to the opened
file happens to be located? To help filemanagers? Too bad, they can't rely
on it. Why? Because there may be other links.

IOW, could the authors tell what kind of semantics they wanted and
what kind of use is intended for that stuff?

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