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SubjectRe: Reproducable hard locks in 2.2.17. IDE related
Hi Alan, 

> Uncorrectable error is the drive.

i don't think that we can blame the disks!
I have 3 different drives, which produce this error after 24 hrs under heavy load.

I'm very sure, that the whole IDE-stuff is broken under heavy load conditions, but i
can't find out, what happens exactly in this case.

> > Sep 21 23:55:44 fs1 kernel: hdb: timeout waiting for DMA
> > Sep 21 23:55:44 fs1 kernel: hdb: irq timeout: status=0xd0 { Busy }
> > Sep 21 23:55:44 fs1 kernel: hda: DMA disabled

Perhaps some timeouts are not set correctly or the specs include some errors, but
it is very strange behaviour, that with kernel 2.0.36 there was never such a problem
with heavy loaded systems and after switching to 2.2.16 / 2.2.17 the system dies
after a short time!!!

I would like to help if i can, but i'm no kernel developer; all i can do is to provide
a very heavy loaded machine (video-sequencing) with three different drives.
I hope they haven't been destroyed by the driver, but i'm sure the drivers behaviour
let them think they have large amounts of bad blocks.

BTW: The drives were new! And checked... And ok with 2.0.38!!!!


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