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SubjectRe: strange BogoMIPS value
Erik McKee wrote:
> Hello!
> It seems as if linux 2.2.17 is calculating a strange value for my bogomips
> value. I thought is was supposed to be somewhere near the processor
> speed. Perhaps I am missing something?
> Have a nice day ;)
> Erik

> Detected 99547 kHz processor.
> Calibrating delay loop... 198.25 BogoMIPS

This actually seems about right.

Keep in mind that just about any modern processor since the 486 has had
parallel instruction units. Theoretically, for example, a processor
with three integer units (like a PowerPC 750 or an Athlon) could execute
3 short integer instructions per CPU cycle (not quite that simple).
MIPS is for the number of instructions that can be executed per second,
which means that if you have a slower processor that takes several
cycles to do even simple computations (say 2 cycles for an add) you
might get less than your CPU speed. What you have seems to be twice
your CPU speed. I'm not quite sure what the algorithm is (I never
really peeked) but on my Pentium 100 I get about 200 BogoMIPS (though
older kernels used to give me 40). What you have is twice your
processor speed.
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