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Subjectcpu reset on laptops and microcode update.
Hi guys,

A long time ago I noticed a curious feature on my Dell Latitude CPx
H-450GT laptop - rebooting it via "shutdown -r now" (and therefore going
through BIOS) does not discard the microcode applied to the CPU. But I
would expect it to be discarded as prescribed by Intel manuals, on #RESET.

Does it mean that rebooting a laptop does not actually ever reset the
CPU? (this would imply that the BIOS is also a protected mode software?)

Of course, doing "shutdown -h now" and switching off the power does
discard the microcode as expected.

Any thoughts? I post on linux-kernel because, potentially, your thoughts
may become relevant to the content of arch/i386/kernel/microcode.c which
is part of Linux kernel :)


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