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SubjectRe: PROBLEM: umount report "busy" on r/o remount of root filesystem

> Umount report "busy" when i try r/o remount the root filesystem at end
> of
> halt script. My halt script ends with:
> # Begin of halt
> kill -9 -1
> umount -a
> mount -n -o remount,ro /

BTW is this right? Does kill -9 guarantee that all syscalls are dead by
the time it returns from kernel? Because if not, then race is pretty clear.

[And I'm pretty sure that kill -9 does *NOT* guarantee that.]

Try adding sleep 1 before umount -a

> halt
> # End of halt
> Umount (and mount on next line too) report "/: device is busy" and the
> root filesystem
> stay not correctly unmounted. But when i press magic key "u" (emergency
> remount),
> the filesystem is correctly remounted. All other mounted filesystems are
> correctly unmounted by "umount -a". This bug is present only on my
> motherboard with SiS5513

I've seen this in past with various -testX and older. I doubt it is
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