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SubjectRE: cPCI development
Am I right in assumming that 2.2.14 (as from RH6.2) supports cPCI? Or do I
need to start developing on 2.4?

I really do need to do some research into this, if I knew where to start. I
need some docs! (either paper, URL, or the straight-jacket kind)


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Russell King []
> writes:
> > I'm about to embark on some compact-PCI driver development for Linux and
> I
> > was wondering where I can find some info. Is there any difference
> between
> > PCI and cPCI development on Linux?
> >
> > URLs would be great! Or, if this is the wrong list for driver
> development
> > issues, a pointer to the correct mailing list would be lovely.
> I believe that cPCI is the same as normal PCI from the software point of
> view.
> However, cPCI has different connectors.
> I'm currently working on an ARM development board which can be used either
> as a ATX motherboard with PCI slots, or plugged into a cPCI backplane, and
> the only thing between the two is a standard DEC PCI to PCI bridge.
> Disclaimer: I haven't done any in-depth investigations yet, so I could be
> talking complete and utter nonsense here.
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