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SubjectRe: [RFC] Wine speedup through kernel module

> Reiserfs would make a fine registry.

Interesting idea... Have a Linux-style registry hive file mounted as a
reiserfs filesystem.

However, I'd prefer to be able to use Windows-style registry hive files if

> > (3) Linux file structures do not hold enough information to support
> > CreateFile (access & sharing interactions).
> Didn't IRIX add the access & sharing support for Samba to use?
> This looks like a generally useful feature.

I presume you mean SGI added it to IRIX? As for generally useful... possibly.

The sys_open() and sys_unlink() functions could be modified to make use of it
if it was stored on the inode. You could then use sys_CreateFileA() to
actually use it fully.

However, it won't work over NFS...

David Howells
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