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SubjectRe: null TTY in tty_fasync?
Marco d'Itri wrote:
> At the end of a UUCP poll this message was logged:
> Sep 19 23:42:47 wonderland kernel: Warning: null TTY for (04:40) in tty_fasync
> What does it mean?

Very hard to say.

Ted, Google says this has only been reported three or four times. Could
we please have a BUG() in that code path?

It's probably unrelated to Harley's crash
(, but
then, I have no explanation for Harley's crash.

Having stared sleepily at the code for several evenings I see no way in
which serial_driver.refcount can be non-zero while serial.o's module
refcount is zero. But it happened.

We can rule out the schedule() in release_dev(), which is definitely an
rmmod window bug, because Harley has confirmed that the "release_dev: %s:
read/write wait queue active!" message did not come out (he still
has the logs). It's something else.

It would be a shame to put the `struct module *owner' stuff
into the tty layer prior to having an explanation for all of
this, even though it's on the todo list.
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