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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Fix queued SIGIO


On Tue, 19 Sep 2000, Robert H. de Vries wrote:

> It would be better to change SI_SIGIO in all the
> include/asm-*/siginfo.h files from -5 to __SI_CODE(__SI_SIGIO, -5)
> __SI_SIGIO would become (6 << 16).

This is not needed for SI_SIGIO. It is not generated from
the kernel. It seems this interface is already obsoleted.

> The code in arch/*/kernel/signal.c only copies the lower 16 bits to user
> space. This means that the test SI_FROMKERNEL returns true and user space
> still gets the same values as before.
> The same trick is indeed used also in my POSIX timer patch.

Yes, for every code generated from kernel. The others are
in __SI_KILL group. I see, __SI_CODE is fixed in your patch. Very good.
There are some unused groups (__SI_RT) but I can't find descriptions
or comments. Is it "Real Time" ? Hm.


Julian Anastasov <>

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