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Subject2.4.0-test9-pre4: __alloc_pages(...) try_again:

Trying to find out why test9-pre4 freezes with mmap002
I added a counter for try_again loops.

... __alloc_pages(...)

int direct_reclaim = 0;
unsigned int gfp_mask = zonelist->gfp_mask;
struct page * page = NULL;
+ int try_again_loops = 0;

- - -

+ printk("VM: sync kswapd (direct_reclaim: %d) try_again #
+ direct_reclaim, ++try_again_loops);
goto try_again;

Result was surprising:
direct_reclaim was 1.
try_again_loops did never stop increasing (note: it is not static,
and should restart from zero after each success)

Why does this happen?
a) kswapd did not succeed in freeing a suitable page?
b) __alloc_pages did not succeed in grabbing the page?


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