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SubjectRe: Software RAID
Steve Hill wrote:
> Has anyone had any problems with software RAID causing high loadaverage
> peaks? I've got a number of i586 boxes here, dual IDE controllers, one
> drive on each controller. They're using RAID 1 across the two
> drives. Every few hours, the load average peaks very high, and it appears
> to be the RAID (identacal boxes, running identical software but without
> the RAID don't seem to have the problem).
> Is this normal, or is something broken on these boxes?
> --
> - Steve Hill
> System Administrator Email:
> Navaho Technologies Ltd. Tel: +44-870-7034015

Well I do have a 486dx2 (66Mhz-24Mb RAM) Root RAID 0 using three disks,
and as far as I can see there are no spikes and the box runs smoothly.

Perhaps it's a cron job or some daemon.

Jorge Nerin
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