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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Re: SCSI scanning
Keith Owens wrote:
> On Wed, 20 Sep 2000 10:43:35 +0200,
> Helge Hafting <> wrote:
> >Ideally I'd like specifying controller order in menuconfig. Perhaps a
> >"controller order" submenu in scsi, that display the default order
> >of the selected controllers. The user can then change this.
> >I guess that is 2.5 stuff though.
> Part of the 2.5 Makefile redesign is adding LINK_FIRST and LINK_LAST
> entries in Makefiles. The link order will be $(LINK_FIRST), (the
> rest), $(LINK_LAST). Link first and last entries will be done in the
> Makefile defined order, the rest will be linked in alphabetical order.
> And there will be a great big note: Do not use LINK_FIRST or LINK_LAST
> unless you really (and I mean *REALLY*) have to! All reasons for using
> LINK_FIRST and LINK_LAST must be documented.
> To handle newer controllers which mimic older controllers, the newer
> controllers would be listed in LINK_FIRST. At the moment we do not
> have any plans to allow user ordering of controllers via .config, only
> via editting the Makefile. The plan is to clean up the Makefiles
> first, introducing new facilities comes later (if ever).

Interesting. Do you mean that you don't want any user reordering via
.config at all, or merely that you yourself have more
important stuff to do. I can code up something myself if I
feel the need. Complete control of order is ideal, it solves
every problem an expert user might have. Ability to
put one particular controller first solves the boot issues
just fine though.

Helge Hafting
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