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SubjectFunction calls not permitted in kernel code
Hi, couldn't find an answer to this in any FAQ:

Can anyone point me to a clear summary of what can and what
can't be called by kernel code.

That is, can a kernel module open and read files or sockets,
call libc functions, start processes?

If, as I suspect, none of these are possible, are the options

(1) Get a user process to do the work, communicating
with the kernel via /proc or some other way.

(2) Doing things really low-level through kernel calls
(such as injecting skbs into TCP/IP code).

Thanks -- Mark

PS: Are there any plans to go beyond store and forward for
IP forwarding to implement Tx as soon as the IP header is
Rx-ed and checked, while the packet data is still being
Rx-ed? How useful would this be for Internet latency
on unsaturated links?
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