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SubjectRe: NAT dropping packets
In <> Russell King <> writes:

>NAT: 3 dropping untracked packet c065d3a0 1 ->

I see loads of these, in a firewall (state matching) and SNAT setup.
When I send mail, I see them quite regularly. It is quite annoying,
since they get dumped to the active text-mode console, in addition to
being logged.

Looking at the code a while back, quite a few of the netfilter
printk()'s did not have a log-level setting. Was this omitted
intentionally ? (Just checked 2.4.0-test9-pre4, it hasn't changed).
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<> | in the dark. It's time to let the sunlight in."
| Eric S. Raymond, re. the Frontpage backdoor
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