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Subjectnet/sunrpc/clnt.c: erroneous fallthru
There is a missing case break in net/sunrpc/clnt.c that causes the kernel
to print an extra, spurious message when a Sun RPC (NFS) request is rejected
by a server with the error RPC_AUTH_TOOWEAK. The missing break also causes
EIO to be returned to the user process instead of EACCES, which seems wrong
too. I noticed this bug in kernel 2.2.14, but I checked and it's still in
2.4.0-test8, so the patch is still needed. Here it is.

--- /usr/src/linux-2.2.14/net/sunrpc/clnt.c Tue Jan 4 10:12:27 2000
+++ /tmp/clnt.c Wed Sep 20 16:42:33 2000
@@ -784,6 +784,7 @@
printk("call_verify: server requires stronger "
+ break;
printk("call_verify: unknown auth error: %x\n", n);
error = -EIO;
Tim Mann
Compaq Computer Corporation, Systems Research Center, Palo Alto, CA
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