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SubjectRe: networking todo, was Re: Linux-2.4.0-test9-pre2
   Date: 	Wed, 20 Sep 2000 04:38:24 +0200
From: "Andi Kleen" <>

We must be talking about different things. It of course detects it
on ACK input, but only for data it did send itself. Every TCP detects
reordering automatically on the input with the sequence number check,
but all we still do is to send an ACK immediately and go into
quickack mode.

Or did I miss something ?


[I talked a lot with Andrea about this during OLS, and we couldn't
figure out a good way]

Nevermind, I've apparently got my directions reversed. :-)
I'll think about this a bit.

Just use __cacheline_aligned instead, like I did with the
ip_local_data in the patch you just rejected. There is still the
problem that generic SMP x86 kernels use a 32byte cacheline. Not a
problem currently because the only x86 SMP is pII/pIII which has
32byte, but with Williamette/Athlon SMP it'll be a problem because
these have 64byte and 128byte cache lines. With __cacheline_aligned
it'll be easy though to pick up such changes.

Ok, feel free to send me a patch which does only this. I may doctor
it up a bit, be warned :-)

On the other hand, the inetpeer code is only really exercised on
machines that talk to lots and lots of destinations (=real
servers), and 2.4 testing on such machines still has to begin.

Given that 2.4 testing has not really begun yet I would guess that
it is safer to remove it now @)

True, but the following is what I'm really thinking about. Suppose a
few weeks from now Alexey greets both of our mailboxes with a fabulous
solution to the tw recycle masqeurading problem, wouldn't it be quite
a pain in the ass to put back in and retest all the inetpeer code?

Let's sit on this until Alexey gives a forecast about the
possibilities of a solution in the near future ok?

David S. Miller

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