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SubjectStuck at 1GB again
Some time ago, the list was very helpful in solving my programs
failing at the limit of real memory rather than expanding into
swap under linux 2.2.

Now my giant app is failing on a new limit.

I have an Athlon 850 with 2GB of RAM running 2.4.0-test7.

The kernel is compiled with the 4GB option. (which I think is
the 2/2GB option from 2.2.x kernels). I believe the option is
supposed to assign 2GB of address space to real memory, and
2GB to virtual memory (from a per process point of view).

I've also compiled and am using glibc 2.2, though I believe
I don't need to in order to use up to 2GB of real memory.

Without glibc 2.2 I should be able to get to 2GB of memory
allocated via the heap. I only need glibc 2.2 to start
mmap'ing malloc'able pools from VM. I.E. beyond 2GB of
malloc'ed memory.

My app running with 1 GB RAM under linux 2.2, with glibc 2.2
successfully malloc's up to 3GB and the app works fine. (though
swapping quite a bit).

My app running with 2 GB RAM under linux 2.4.0-test7, with glibc 2.2
dies at 1 GB of memory used. (it also dies at 1 GB using glibc 2.1.2).

The app is compiled -static to make sure I get the right libraries.

I have an program which logs the memory usage of the application
from /proc.

These are logs from two runs that died very near the 1GB limit when
malloc returned an error:

967780380 986796 kB 0 kB 985216 kB 985636 kB 628 kB 508 kB 0 kB

967661675 1013092 kB 0 kB 1010700 kB 1011184 kB 540 kB 184 kB 1140 kB

Limits are set to:
cputime unlimited
filesize unlimited
datasize unlimited
stacksize 8MB
coredumpsize 488MB
memoryuse unlimited
maxproc 256
descriptors 1024
memorylocked unlimited
addressspace unlimited

Any idea what limit I'm running into?

Brian Litzinger <>

Copyright (c) 2000 By Brian Litzinger, All Rights Reserved
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