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SubjectRe: MTBF data for linux
From: "Chris Wedgwood" <>
To: "Alan Cox" <>

> We ran 1.2.13lmp for about 1100 days before the box finally got
> turned off - twice around the uptime clock and more
> That's must be some kind of unofficial record... I though 400+ days
> was pretty neat, but 1100 says is really impressive, especially on a
> kernel which has races with jiffie wraps...

Um, another "uptime benchmark" is the little machine (old 75MHz
Pentium) we use here as our internal net's gateway to the internet
via IP Masquerading. It is the machine on the net with the honorary
unimaginative name, linux. Little linux endeared himself to me by
reaching 450+ days uptime as a v.90 dialup and internal http server
before I rebooted him for some upgrades. We went DSL. I needed
to install a new NIC. I'm not adventuresome enough to hotplug a
PCI card. So at something like 450 days, 6 hours and somewhat
more than another half hour he was cleanly shutdown. I installed a
new disk as hdc, a new CDROM as hdd, a new NIC, and rebooted.
He came up clean first time. Then I partitioned and mounted the
new disk, transferred critical files, and rebooted again to install
RedHat 6.2 and once more to upgrade the kernel. He has a month
of uptime at this point. (I took him down one more time to remove
the tiny original disks he ran on and move the 2gig drive to hda
and the CDROM to hdc after he'd been up and clean about a week
and a half.)

It appears Linux stays up longer than you care to leave it up. I
admit this was with no load to speak of. But it was kinda fun to
hold a birthday party for him at one year. (Heh, I even moved him
across the room sitting on top of the UPS when I rearranged the
furniture on my side of the room. hey, I'm female. I get to do silly
things like that. {O,o})

Er, do the True64 machines have any practical uptime problem?
The one BIX runs on seems to accumulate some impressive
uptime under the load the tiny number of remaining members
place on the machine.


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