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SubjectRe: zero-copy TCP
>>>>> "Jeff" == Jeff V Merkey <> writes:

[since you like to forward things after sending me a private email, I'll
do the same].

Jeff> I wrote the SMP ODI networking layer in NetWare that used today by
Jeff> over 90,000,000 NetWare users. I also wrote the SMP LLC8022
Jeff> Stack, the SMP IPX/SPX Stack, and the SMP OSPF TCPIP stack in
Jeff> NetWare. I think I know what the hell I'm doing here. Most
Jeff> Network protocols assume a primary/secondary relationship. The
Jeff> faster you can get requests in and out of a server, the faster the
Jeff> response time on the client for remote file system operation.

You look at network file system issues and generalize that to generic
networking. I am sorry but I do not think you know a whole lot about
high speed networking. You forget that when talking about fast
networking it depends on what you define as fast. Some people consider
file serving performance others are interested in fast memory to memory
transfers (from data aquisition servers to client processing units for
instance). For bulk data transfers on high speed networks (note I do not
consider 100Mbit/sec Fast Ethernet as being a fast network) the real
here issue is pipelining through socket buffers and large TCP windows
and not latency.

Besides, the fact that there are 90M netware boxes around doesn't matter
when most of them are running IPX - IPX is braindamage and has nothing
to do with proper networking.

Jeff> do a challenge. Let's take my NetWare code and see which is
Jeff> faster and lower latency on a Network. Mine or Linux's. I bet
Jeff> you $100.00 it will beat the Linux code in every test.

I'd love to see a netware box sustain 110MB/sec (MB as in mega byte)
memory to memory in two TCP streams between dual 400MHz P2 boxes.

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