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So make noise.  I tried a post at /. but it wasn't accepted.  We have power
in our [tiny] voices when used enmasse.


Graham Murray wrote:

> David Ford <> writes:
> > There are a -lot- of large sites that give us issues like this.
> What is the best way to handle sites which block connections using
> ECN? Is it best for everyone who detects this to write individually to
> each site which they find can be accessed with "echo 0 >
> /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_ecn" but not (in the default state) of tcp_ecn
> = 1? Or is there some better way to spread the word more "officially"?
> So far I have written to every site which I have been unable to
> access with ECN enabled, but the only response (apart from
> auto-responders acknowledging the receipt of the email) I have had has
> said that the matter has been forwarded to the site's IT department.
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