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   Date: Sat, 2 Sep 2000 14:12:11 +0100 (BST)
From: Alan Cox <>

> There are a -lot- of large sites that give us issues like this.

So mail lots of people. Cisco are I think now aware that their
firewall products dont handle ECN correctly but others might not

That being said, when folks send off complaints to these sites, they
may want to mention that Cisco firewall products are known to cause
trouble in this area. This may help that mysterious "IT Department"
get to the problem quicker. :-)

It probably makes sense also to specifically recommend to these sites
that they contact Cisco for fixes to these ECN problems in their
firewall kit.

If Alan or myself tell Cisco about this bug, they are very unlikely
to move very fast. But if some of their largest site customers begin
to moan, expect a more timely fix :-)

Admittedly, even Linux itself was buggy wrt. ECN at one point, a year
or so ago (essentially we just blindly echo'd the ECN bits due to how
we built response packets, so it appeared as if we supported ECN when
in fact we didn't :-).

David S. Miller
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