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On Sat, 2 Sep 2000, Bill Huey wrote:

> John,
> > Hi, this is just a short no-statistics testimony that Rik's VM patch
> > to test8-pre1 seems much improved over test7. I have a UP P200 with 40Mb,
> > and previously running KDE2 + mozilla was totally unusable.
> > With the patch, things run much more smoothly. Interactive feel seems
> > better, and I don't have "swapping holidays" any more.
> > Heavily stressing it by g++ is better as well...
> >
> > just a data point,
> > john
> Yes, it kicks butt and it finally (just about) removes the final
> Linux kernel showstopper for recent kernels. ;-)
> I did a GNOME + KDE2 + c++ compile since I've been doing port work
> and I have similar experiences.
> bill

This patch is plain awesome. It really sped up my 586 test machine (very
noticible when compiling XFree86.. which knocked off about a half hour of
compilation time), and there isn't a [noticable] memory leak like in the
old VM system before.

Good work, Rik. Tell us when it's integrated into the kernel. :)

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