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SubjectRe: [PATCH] abuse of macros in swab.h
On Wed, Sep 20, 2000 at 01:55:58AM +0200, Martin Dalecki wrote:
> The GCC manual doesn't lie on that ANY LONGER with respect to EGCS.
> And we should adpat for the modern versions of the compiler instead
> of dragging the *ugly* code with us until the earth stops spinning, iff
> the only concern is performance.

Check your facts.

g++-current (3.0 to be) has a new early inliner which apparently generates
better code for some stuff (and worse for other). The C frontend so far
still does the inlining too late (in RTL instead of trees) which causes
all the code generation problems. I don't know if the C frontend will
gain the new inliner too before 3.0 (there seems to be some work on that),
but gcc 3 is many months away so Linux kernel cannot count on it.

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