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SubjectAPIC errors on my dual celeron, 2.4.0-test7
Greetings everyone.

I have been running Linux kernel 2.4.0-test7 for some time now on my
dual celeron (BP6) system. I have an AGP video card, one ethernet card,
one IDE sound card, ps/2 keyboard and mouse, and two IDE hard drives.
(No floppy, no CD.)

I get errors of this sort on a regular basis while in console mode;
under X, I imagine they don't get written.

APIC error on CPU1: 02(02)
APIC error on CPU1: 02(08)

The errors also occur on CPU0. (Or is it CPU2? :) I don't know if
numbers other than 02 or 08 occur; I haven't kept good records.

Sometimes I can go several minutes without errors, and other times the
errors come once every few seconds.

I am running very little in the way of i/o intensive programs --
setiathome is the most burdensome program I tend to run most of the

Is this something I should be worried about? Is this something other
people are familiar with and know how to fix? Is it something that
should be fixed? :)

Thanks all. Please CC me on responses. :)

Seth Arnold |
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